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Cutter Bodies & Pipe Mill Tooling Made to Order

Cantoola is a leading distributor for the pipe manufacturer, specializing in edge milling ID/OD scarfing and beveling inserts. Also we supply cutoff tools shop places nicking tools as well as a vast array of welding tips and torch cylinders. Ultrasonic plate inspection fabricating, along with fabricating special parts like shafts, spacers, etc. Count on the skilled team at Cantoola to bring your tools to production. Whether you need a part that's no longer made or a custom part for a specialized tool, we have you covered. Choose from a range of cutter bodies, custom pipe mill tooling, brazed tools, and saw blades to meet your unique needs.

Cutter Bodies

Whether you're looking for made-to-print, single, or multi-pocket cutter bodies, we can help. If you have a part print, we can even design a cutter from that. Send us your blueprint or a sample tool to reverse engineer and we'll get you a quote as soon as possible. We even offer repairs for damaged cutter bodies, and create new parts for obsolete bodies from name-brand manufacturers. If you need help but the original manufacturer can't provide it, there's a good chance we can!

Cutter Body Applications:

  • Ball Nose Holders
  • Milling Cutters
  • Tool Holders
  • Boring Bars
  • Spade Drill Holders
  • Drills
  • ID/OD Scarfing Holders
  • Multi Pocket Holders
  • Broaches
  • Countersinks
  • Cartridges
  • Chamfer Tools
Cutter Bodies

Pipe Mill Tooling

Pipe Mill Tooling

You can trust Cantoola for your specialized pipe mill tooling. We do inserts, special holders, fabricated metal parts, and custom-made welding and contact tips. Additionally, we also handle ultrasonic test assemblies and wear pads, saw blades, plus much more. Of course, we can also reverse engineer OEM machine parts, often at a significantly lower price.

Pipe Mill Tooling Applications:

  • Id/Od Scarfing
  • Edge Milling
  • Beveling
  • Brazed Tooling
  • Special Tool Holders
  • Made-To-Print Cartridges
  • Tool Re-Work & Repair
  • Cut Plates
  • Chop Blades
  • Replacement Tooling for Name Brand Pipe Mill Machinery
  • Stationery Cut Off Blades
  • Traveling Cut Off Saw Blades
  • Band Saw Blades

Brazed Tools

When others can't, we deliver for all of your made-to-print carbide brazed tools. This includes single point, grooving, cutoff, and Swiss style, as well as screw machines, radius, chamfer, scarfing, and form. We've got all of your needs covered in one convenient place!

Saw Blades:

  • Cold Saw Blades
  • Carbide Tipped Saw Blades
  • Cermet Tipped Saw Blades
  • Friction Saw Blades
  • Segmental Saw Blades
  • PCD Saw Blades
  • Band Saw Blades Including Bimetal, Carbide Tipped, & Carbon
Brazed Tools